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How to eat a “ahm-bare-gare”

Parisians pretend to hate America. They ridicule our unbridled capitalism, obesity, and stupidity. But their profound love for Americana is poorly concealed, especially when they get around hamburgers. Parisians LOVE hamburgers. They crowd restaurants like B.I.A. (breakfast in america) and Le Coffee Parisien just to get a little piece of the U.S. The problem is that Parisians can’t admit that any other country could actually create good food. To remedy this problem they go to great lengths to frenchify their favorite imports: sushi stuffed with cream cheese, bacon pre-diced into tiny useless bites, espresso at mcdonalds, and finally, hamburgers eaten with a knife and fork. That little touch of sophistication makes it ok for Parisians to enjoy the American dish because it has really been adopted, adapted, and transformed into something fronch: le ahm-bare-gare.

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