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Weenie Halloween


Linda, as Cruella de Vil with a baby seal subbing in for a dalamatian, and Me, as a tornado.

Halloween is surprisingly popular in Paris. Parisians do love a good costume fête. The handful of costume shops sprinkled around the city usually have lines 200 yards long extending down the street during the days preceding the holiday. But since the celebration of Halloween is in its infancy here, Parisians haven’t really begun to embrace costume creativity. If you are a Parisian and you’re going to celebrate Halloween you have very limited costume options. If you’re a woman, you can be a black cat or a witch. And if you’re a man you can be a vampire or a zombie. And then either sex can be a devil. Thats it. Five options. You have to give to the French for being such die-hard traditionalists.

I am ashamed to say that I fell victim to this unoriginality this year. I usually put a lot of thought and effort into my costumes! Two years ago I dressed up as a tornado. I wore all black and attached various barnyard animals and hot wheels cars with fishing line. When I spun around the toys became airborne, giving the impression of a mean twister! It was such a success that I figured I would reuse it and show the French a thing or two about American Halloween. Unfortunately my attempt this time was a bit more half-assed. I blame all the ennui in the air for my utter lack of inspiration.

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  1. Magda Stewart #

    My question is how long untli the French take on the new meaning of an American halloween and use halloween as an excuse to decrease the skin surface area covered and incorporate the booty-booby loving “adult” costumes? More importantly when can I fly over and we have a Parisian Lingerie luau?

    November 2, 2010
    • Soma #

      Tis indeed high time for a Parisian Lingerie luau!! I mean the lingerie is here, its just the luau part that might be a bit tricky!

      November 2, 2010

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