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Chocoholics Unite in Paris

It’s really a shame I’m in more of a savory phase of my life. I thought a sweet tooth might be sneaking in, since upon moving to France I started giving pastries a second glance, but given the choice, I’d still take meat and cheese over chocolate and sweets any day of the week. Needless to say I spent the better part of Monday afternoon walking around the Salon du Chocolat looking for a sandwich! Once I was full of baguette, ham, and cheese, I was ready to take on the chocolate feast that lay spread before me.

Highlights of the show: The chocolate penis stand, obviously.

Chocolate Penises

The beautiful Japanese chocolatier booths, where everything looked far too artistic and modern to be eaten. These particular chocolates made me think of some kind of paint computer program.

Colorful Japanese Chocolate Palette

The Bailey’s stand where I parked up for a few little shots of chilled Baileys. I do love sugar when it’s smothered in cream…and whiskey.

And finally, Mälarchocolaterie from Västerås, Sweden with exotic flavors like Horseradish, Blue Cheese, Wolfberry (wtf?), Litchi & Red Tea, and Melon Port Wine. I caved here and bought a box of chocolates which I intend to savor, at least until my sweet toothe kicks in and I lose all inhibition!

Box of Swedish Chocolates

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