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Virginia’s Finest: Rappahannock County in Autumn

View from the porch at my parents' house

My flight landed at Dulles International on Tuesday around 7 pm and by the time I got home it was completely dark out, stars shining bright in a clear sky. I realized I hadn’t seen stars like that in months since the damn City of Light is too much of a peacock to share the show! Thanks to a healthy dose of jetlag I woke up around 5:30 am and went downstairs to sit in the living room and watch the sun come up. Over the next few hours I was reminded of Virginia’s great natural beauty. The palette of the landscape slowly evolved from cool blues and purples to blazing autumnal tones as the the sun spilled more and more light onto the rolling foothills of the blue ridge, illuminating grazing cattle and fiery-hued trees. How could I have forgotten how incredibly intense the colors are this time of year? I feel like I’ve been living in that Paul Walker flick where everything starts out in black and white and suddenly bursts into color. I used to loathe fall, since it denoted the end of summer and the ominous coming of winter, but now that I can’t have it (Paris seems to go from summer green to winter gray without ceremony) I crave it: apple cider, pumpkin pie, pumpkin anything really, horse races, trees as bright as fireballs, gahh!! I have even begun to empathize with the D.C. weekenders who drive out to enjoy Rappahannock’s foliage (and usually a 5 star meal at the Inn at Little Washington). I feel for them, those poor beauty-deprived city folk! Now I understand their plight!

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