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Getting an American Fix

In lieu of missing a bunch of class and going home for Thanksgiving, I took an impromptu trip to the states last week to visit my family. I decided to make the most of my time there by consuming as much American food as possible; essentially eating to the point of mild nausea so I wouldn’t feel the need to eat any such foods again until I went home for Christmas. What can I cross off the list? Southern tailgate food, cheap mexican, and coconut m&ms (why don’t they have these in Paris yet!?).

Dean and Deluca Thanksgiving cupcakes. Can't vouch for their taste but they are awfully cute!

What can I say, it was an ambitious trip! Two nights in Rappahannock, one in D.C., one in New York, and the last one back in Rappahannock. The New York trip was especially taxing since I spent all of 16 hours there eating, drinking, and carrying on basically until a 7 am train brought me back south in time to meet my dad at his high school alma mater’s (and his rival school’s) annual “showdown” football game.

As much as I’d like to say I made that grueling, hungover 300+ mile trek out of some sense of daughterly duty, in reality I just wanted some of Charlotte’s fried chicken. Charlotte is a woman who cooked for my grandfather in the 70s and 80s. Today she is semi-retired, semi because she still appeases my father by preparing a smorgasbord of tailgate food every other year (the game alternates sites between Alexandria, where my dad’s alma mater is, and Madison, where the rival school is. My father refuses to drive within a 20 mile radius of D.C. so he has succumbed to watching the big football game at his rival school every other year).

Clockwise from top left: Charlotte's ham biscuits, fried chicken, veggie platter, deviled eggs, coleslaw, apple pie (obscured)

Anyway, this year she went all out and made ham biscuits, fried chicken, deviled eggs, coleslaw (with extra vinegar per my Dad’s request), a few apple pies, and loads of brownies and cookies all from scratch.

Cheese Enchiladas at Pancho Villa

Of course my afternoon of tailgate grazing wasn’t enough to dissuade me from stopping at my favorite guilty-pleasure mexican restaurant on the way home: Pancho Villa. Luckily 4:45 pm is a totally reasonable time to eat dinner in Culpeper Virginia. My sister and I sat down hoping to share a bowl of queso dip and we ended up ordering enchiladas, guacamole, and a few beers as well. I suppose we took a cue from the football game: go big or go home.

Well I got big, then I went home. So now, back to overeating in Paris for a while…

For practical info regarding Pancho Villa, Culpeper VA please refer to my Virginia page.

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  1. Meghan #

    YUM! Looks deeeelicious

    November 17, 2010

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