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Ready-to-Bake Cookie Dough Hops the Pond

French Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

It was only a matter of time before pre-maid cookie dough made it to France. There has been some confusion here about what cookies are supposed to taste like. French cookies have a difficult time finding the happy medium between bitter hard biscotti like rocks and gooey raw gobs of sickly sweet dough. Recipes can get lost in translation. That’s understandable. So here was a whole new approach to cookies. Skip the recipe and pop it in the oven!

This evening I chanced upon my first bag of ready-to-bake dough. It was totally unexpected, considering its peculiar placement in the fresh pasta section (i can kind of see the connection, eggy product requring minimal cooking…but that’s still a stretch). Obviously I had to buy it.

It looked pretty much the same. The dough tasted, meh, a little sweet but maybe that would bake out a bit. It didn’t break apart as easily as pillsbury or tollhouse though. That should have been my first indication that something was amiss.

And the verdict? Fine texture, fine chocolate, but an all around sickeningly sweet cookie. I got a cavity just looking at it. Come on people! Cut the sugar and add a pinch of salt! Or use some of that fancy fleur du sel french butter if you must but leave out all that sugar!

N.B. If you are crazy enough to order a cookie in a bakery, make sure you make it sound as french as possible. If you channel the Coooookie Crisp howling wolf you’re on the right track. Seriously a flat pronunciation will just get you stares.

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