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Gorillaz in Paris Part II

Gorillaz at le Zenith, Paris (November 23 2010)

What was most striking about the performance was its sheer ambition: the constantly fluctuating tempo, the seamless integration of genres, the intense beats of 6 drum sets vibrating though your solar plexus, the sweet poetry of the lyrics, the captivating story-telling in cartoon form, the evocative instrumental ballads that make you want to kiss somebody, and the booty-shaking rhythms that make you want to grind on something.

I was thrilled to hear the spritely Swedish Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon sing live. And what’s more? The girl had moves! She had some killer undulations going on.

And then of course there was the brass band. I loved how they all swayed in sync and raised and dipped their instruments like bobbing elephant trunks!

It was a glimpse into a parallel universe with Damon Albarn’s musical gifts and Jamie Hewlett’s artistic genius at its center. Trying to process it resulted in sensory overload. So I just stopped thinking, and let myself dance.

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