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Jalla Jalla! Get your sickly spotted fish!

Filet de Carrelet or European plaice

Filet de Carrelet or European plaice

Open air markets in Paris never cease to amaze. I always leave bogged down with the day’s bounty of fruits and vegetables, and armed with fresh vocabulary. From exclamations like the arabic Jalla! Jalla! (which also happens to be the title of a funny Swedish film I saw last night) to the french grenade, which means grenade but also pomegranate. Today’s market word of the day was carrelet (European plaice) for two reasons. One because this poor fish’s name was spelled wrong by his captors (that’s carrelet not carelet boys) and two because well, haven’t I seen this fish before? Or something like it? Could this floppy, chicken-pocked flatfish have been the inspiration for Steve Zissou’s nemesis, the man-eating Jaguar Shark?

Jaguar shark of the Life Aquatic

Jaguar shark of the Life Aquatic

Meh maybe not. But I do like those sickly spots!

Practical Info:

Carrelet or European plaice is most commonly served beer battered and fried for fish and chips.

Life Aquatic, 2004, Director Wes Anderson’s colorful homage to the late Jacques Cousteau.

Jalla! Jalla! 2000, Director Josef Fares full length film debut. The story follows Roro who is dating the lovely Lisa (Tuva Novotny), who doesn’t know about the arranged marriage between Roro and Yasmin, who just wants to get married so her family won’t take her back to Lebanon. Yasmin falls for Roro’s hunky friend Måns, who has recently been going to extreme lengths to cure his erectile dysfunction. Good stuff!

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