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Parisian Pregnant Fashion

Pregnant Mannequin window display Paris

Pregnant Mannequin

I don’t know much about maternity fashion but I have noticed one major theme: work with it. Work with your ballooning belly, not against it. Yet the inspiration behind this particular outfit seems to be that of sheer ignorance or denial: “wait, what? I’m pregnant? When did that happen?”. This outfit makes me think of a paunchy middle aged man bragging about how he wears the same belt size he wore in college, all the while ignoring the glaring difference between the taut stomach of a twenty year old and the protruding gut of a fifty something.

In this version the belt is stretchy, presumably for use before, during, and after pregnancy. I understand the attempt at versatility. It must be terribly exhausting to shop for such an ephemeral, metamorphic time of life. But I can’t figure out what function this belt presumes to serve. Usually belts do one of two things. They either hold up your pants or they create a waistline of some sort. This belt does neither. Perhaps it provides extra support for the baby? Extra support for the mother who is lugging around her 8 1/2 months pregnant belly? Like a girdle or a back-brace? I cannot for the life of me figure this one out.

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  1. This is just wrong!

    February 4, 2011

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