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American Food Aisles in Europe are so Weird

Why do American food aisles in fancy European department stores always have the weirdest items? Half of the brands displayed don’t even exist in the U.S. They must be the cheaper Canadian version or something. I’m ashamed of the kinds of products that land on this shelf: fruit flavored marshmallow fluff, s’mores Pop Tarts, chocolate chip cookie mix in a bag. Who eats that in the U.S.? I certainly haven’t. My theory is, if America is going to get a junk food rap, we should really go all out. These shelves should be full of pork rinds, pickled eggs, funyons, cheese whiz, honey buns, twinkies, basically your typical gas station fare. Now that I could be proud of!

Here are some choice items from the American aisle at Selfridges in London

Raspberry Marshmallow Fluff

Now I have really seen it all. After the apparently great success of regular and strawberry fluff in Europe, raspberry fluff is now on the market!

Crazy Expensive Lucky Charms

Buy two boxes for 10 pounds or one for 7.49. That works out to $12.17 at the current exchange rate. Kinda makes me want to import Lucky Charms to Europe as a living.

Hotdogs in a jar

Hotdogs should not come in a jar. Pickles, fine. But not hotdogs.

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  1. Fenwicks has a similar section and they sell peanutbutter, baby ruth’s, wonka bars… American enough for you?

    February 19, 2011
    • Sophie #

      hmm. definitely peanut butter. I’ll give you that.

      February 20, 2011

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