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Miss France vs. Miss Holstein, My Vote’s with the Bovine!

The Salon de l’Agriculture is my absolute favorite time of year in Paris. It’s a time when waif-like Parisians and husky farmers convene in jubilation at Porte de Versailles to behold the finest of French livestock and produce. It’s like going to the zoo except that these animals aren’t exotic specimen, they are the animals that sustain French culture with milk, eggs, cheese, and meat. The animal showroom is just one part of an enormous production though. Another entire salon is dedicated to farm equipment, another to fruits, vegetables, grains, and flowers, and yet another to the end product: food and beer from the Francophone world and beyond (less emphasis is placed on wine here as it has it’s very own salon earlier in the year). So it’s a like a zoo, a farmer’s market, and a carnival all wrapped into one. Like I said, my favorite time of year in Paris.

Miss France at the Salon de l

I went Wednesday with the intention of tackling half of the show, leaving the rest for another day. In my excitement however I ended up spending a good 8 hours there and still I am planning on going back again this afternoon. On wednesday many of the prize winning bovine were honored, like this beautiful holstein heifer. She really was a looker! In her entourage was her loving owner and what I thought was the owner’s daughter. The girl was wearing 6 inch heels, so I assumed she was a your typical country girl visiting the big city for the first time. Turns out the girl was no kin to the farmer at all, she is the reigning Miss France. The moment Miss France breezed past miss Holstein, the crowd dispersed. How bizarre! If put in a beauty contest, that holstein would trump this Laury Thilleman any day of the week!

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