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Architecture meets Shoes at United Nude


Eamz Pump Zebra, courtesy of

On the Canal St. Martin, a bit farther south than the rest of the quirky clothing or artsy book shops, lies a colorful gem of a store: Diotima. What makes it so special? Well when you take in the window display, it’s hard to tell if those are shoes you’re looking at or rather scale models of some crazy new concept hotel that you might see in Miami. While the store displays shoes from several international designers, the predominant label is United Nude, which was launched in 2003 in the U.K. by an 7th generation English shoemaker and a Dutch architect. If you’re a bit timid to actually sport a pair of their gravity-defying pumps or rainbow embroidered beauties, it’s still worth the visit to get a quick dose of pret-a-porter architecture.

The Iris van Herpen X United Nude Synethesia Shoe

Cosmo Shoe in Green, United Nude

Fold Hi booties, United Nude

Practical Info:

Diotima Shoes and Accessories located at 48 bis, quai de Jammapes in the 10th. Telephone 01 42 38 06 53.

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