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The Jolliest Butcher in the World

My local butcher and his wife are the jolliest couple in the world. When they aren’t wearing aprons and wielding knives, they’re trotting about the neighborhood in their matching tracksuits, dog in tow. They certainly are a couple of characters, with photographic evidence to prove it. All around their shop are pictures of the pair riding horses and smiling like happy fools!

The Jolliest Butcher in the World

The Jolliest Butcher's Wife

Evenings are especially busy at the butcher’s, as people scramble to pick up their last minute langue de boeuf (beef tongue) or jarret de porc (pork knuckle). Tonight I had the pleasure of witnessing the “dogpark” in use, the little hook affixed to the storefront for customers to leave their pets while they shop. Though most establishments in France are quite tolerant of dogs, you could imagine the mayhem that might ensue when a greedy little french toutou (doggie) caught the sent of some fresh meat. Better to keep them outside attracting cooing tourists like myself.

Dogpark at the Butcher's, Paris

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