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Matt & Kim+Mama Shelter Pizza=Good Fun!

Matt and Kim, Flèche d'Or, Paris 2011

Last night my friend “fireball” and I checked out the Matt & Kim concert at la Flèche d’Or. The show was packed with young brits and americans eager to hear the pop rock Brooklyn duo. Unfortunately we first had to endure the pathetic crooning of the opening band Young Knives, with monster rock lyrics like “nayyyyyyycha, nuuuuuuurcha” (for nature and nurture I assume?). All was forgotten when Matt and Kim bursted onto stage with the energy of a kindergarten class. When Matt wasn’t pounding on his keyboard with glee, he would fist pump and donkey kick the air violently. As for Kim, she literally never took that maniacally happy smile off her face. And her biceps…utterly mesmerizing! As my friend noted, “she is totally killing that drum set”.  Honestly, this pair had charisma to burn. Matt would tease the crowd with promises of a special Kim booty dance or a showing of Kim’s “vagina tattoo”, then Kim would deliver, all the while cursing like a foul mouthed sailor.

Kim of Matt and Kim giving the crowd a peak of her tattoo

After the show we stumbled across the street to Mama Shelter for some late night sustenance. Despite the fact that I find the hotel totally unsupportable, the Mama Shelter pizzeria was, well, shockingly enjoyable. We ordered a Reine pizza which was served with a generous sprinkling of ham and mushrooms. We sat at a long wooden communal table with a distinctly convivial feel, like any moment a bunch of vikings could show up and start sloshing around mead! Against the wall, there were a number of school desks (the kind with the desk top attached to the chair) awkwardly arranged for solo diners. If you ask me they looked totally ridiculous, but then it wouldn’t be Mama Shelter without some “trying to hard” décor!

Reine Pizza at Mama Shelter

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