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Cocktail Review: La Conserverie, Paris 2nd

Cocktail w/ Apricot Brandy at La Conserverie, Paris 2nd

I checked out the cocktail bar La Conserverie one night last week and found the place absolutely dead. To be fair, it was a Tuesday. It was apparent though that the ambience usually attracted a swanky clientele who might appreciate a high ceiling, very dim light, and dark plush décor. I sat at the bar with my friend Fireball and we proceeded to chat up the cute french bartender who spoke perfect english with a franco/aussie twang. I ordered a cocktail off the menu (the name of which escapes me), a concoction of egg white, apricot brandy, lemon juice, sugar, and gin. It was…odd…frothy, sour, and quite bitter. Perhaps a more cultured palate would have appreciated it more than I.

Basil Julep at La Conserverie, Paris 2nd

My friend ordered a mint julep, which was actually a basil julep. The drink was served in a chilled tin can with a huge chunks of ice and a garnish of basil leaves. Every few minutes the bartender would have to change the cocktail napkin as it would completely soak through from the ice cascading down the side of the can. Admittedly the presentation was nifty but ultimately too terribly high maintenance to be enjoyable. The drink could not be picked up because your fingers would either stick to the can like a tongue to a ski lift or they would completely slip off. How fussy!

I am not completely discounting this place, mostly because the bartender was just so handsome and polite. I would like to try again on a busier night.

Practical Info:

37 rue du Sentier, Paris 2nd. Cocktails between 12€ and 15€.

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  1. hotelvie #

    sounds like you ordered a snazzy version of a Pisco Sour.

    April 14, 2011
    • Sophie #

      I think you are right! Merci bien!

      April 14, 2011

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