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Paris Bucket List

Three weeks left in the City of Lights. How ever will I do all the things I want to do and still manage to do the things I have to do, i.e. pack up my flat. First things first, make a list! 

Eating and Drinking

1 ) Revel in Paris’ hot restaurant scene: Chateaubriand, Spring, Jadis, and Rino to name a few.

2) Gorge myself on creamy pasta at the miniscule restaurant l‘Osteria dell’Anima.

3 )  Devour foie gras like there is no tomorrow. I plan on hitting up le Colimaçon one of these nights expressly for their foie gras starter. I’ll probably just order two plates of foie gras and call it a meal!

4 ) Eat at Candelaria and el Nopal, but if I can’t make it to both, make sure I get myself over to the Yelp Paris’ one year anniversary party, which will be catered by both Mexican restos.

5 ) Bake cobblers in my adorable little box-set of le Creuset mini cocottes. I’ve had them for a year and only used them once! For shame. 

6 ) Try all the flavors of cream puffs at Popelini

7 ) Indulge in one last last night tartare de boeuf at L’Aubrac

8 ) Knock back a few lemongrass-infused Experience No. 1s at the Experimental Cocktail Club.

9 ) Sit on the terrace of Creperie Suzette in the Marais with some cider and a caramel crepe

10) And of course, dine at my FAVORITE restaurant in Paris: the U.S. Hot Dog stand

Other activities

1 ) Bike the entire length of the Canal St. Martin, either on a Vélib or on my friend Sunshine’s bike. Alternatively, I’d love to take a cruise up the Canal and experience the all the locks and flooding. Adult tickets for a 2 and half hour trip cost 13.50€ if purchased online

2 ) Check out the Dogon exhibit at the Musée du Quai Branly. When I was studying in Paris during my semester abroad, I took a class in African art where I studied the Dogon people of Mali and their fascinating culture. The exhibit lasts until July 24th. 

3 ) Walk around EVERY SINGLE ARRONDISSEMENT, take photos, and post an article for each. 

4 ) Do a Henry Miller walking tour, sit in his favorite haunts, and read select juicy passages from Tropic of Cancer

5 ) I probably won’t have time for this, but it would be so cool to take a motorboat course on the Seine. Anyone who ever worked with me at Nantucket Community Sailing knows that I am completely incompetent on a boat under motor power. It would be a useful skill to learn, and it would be an interesting way to pick up some French nautical vocabulary. 

6 ) Get out of Paris! That is, rent a car and follow the hoards of migratory Parisians to Deauville. Also known as the “21st arrondissement” of Paris, Deauville is to Paris what the Hamptons are to Manhattan. 

7 ) Picnic often, in the Jardin du Luxembourg, in the Tuileries, along the Canal, in the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, everywhere. 

…more ideas will inevitably pop into my head as the days fly by, but I think this is a good, if not overly ambitious, start. 

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