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Cocktails and Pizza at Grazie, Paris 3rd


Making Pizza, Grazie, Paris 3rd

Last week the Muse and I met up for an early dinner at the newish cocktail bar/pizza joint called Grazie on Boulevard Beaumarchais in Paris’ 3rd. When I arrived at 7:45 the place was already packed so the hostess was less than pleasant when I admitted that I had no reservation. She parked me at the bar where I took in the scene while waiting for the Muse to arrive. The first thing I noticed was the noise. I had to shout to place an order with the tattooed Italian bartender for a basil honey martini (12 €) which was cooling and tangy, graciously as the place was quite warm. The Muse arrived and we began assessing the décor and clientèle: distressed warehouse chic and über trendy, respectively. We caught the bartender’s attention and ordered a margherita pizza (11 €).

Basil Honey Martini at Grazie, Paris 3rd

Amy's Organic Cheese Pizza

At the opposite end of the bar we could see the chefs rolling out dough and assembling pizzas before sliding them into the rotating open furnace, three at a time. That must be the source of all this infernal heat, I thought. Within a few minutes our pizza had arrived and we were burning our fingers and tongues on the piping hot crust. The crust itself was quite substantial and almost cheddar-y. If you’ve ever had Amy’s Organic frozen pizza you’ll know what I’m talking about it. In fact, the whole pizza reminded me a lot of those delicious little frozen pizzas. I’m sure that would be construed as an insult to the owners of Grazie, but in all honesty, I mean it as a compliment! 

Margherita Pizza at Grazie, Paris 3rd

The verdict? Meh..If you don’t have a reservation it may not be worth it. The music is simply too loud at the bar to enjoy your drink or meal. If you can get a table by the windows the noise from the street may help drown out the pumping music enough so that you’ll be able hear your dining companion. The pizza and cocktails aren’t quite good enough to eat and drink without coming up for air so good company (and a window seat so you can HEAR your good company) is a must to ensure a pleasant outing. 

Practical Info: 

Grazie 91 Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris 3rd 01 42 78 11 96. Pizzas and cocktails for two: 44 €. 

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