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Photos: Sweden’s Lake Country

Värmland, Sweden 

Night Sky as seen from the train from Stockholm to Karlstad

It may not be as glamorous as the villa lined lakes of Italy, but Värmland Sweden is home to some of the most striking vistas in Europe (not to mention the third largest lake in Europe, after Russia’s lakes Ladoga and Onega.) And its not just the scenery that’s so breathtaking; the beauty of the land is equally matched by the beauty of its people. It’s astonishing really. Nearly everyone under the age of 40 that I’ve seen is tall, blond, svelte, and perfectly bronzed. And that’s nothing special! If they were in the States these people would be worshipped. No wonder Elin Nordegren got out of here, too much competition! 

Beautiful Swedes during Midsommar in Bomstad
Lake reflection
Even the moss is blond!
Sunset in Karlstad

Photo credits: All photos by Anders Hellfeldt, yet another tall handsome swede!

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