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Lust and Vice at Stockholm’s National Museum

Stockholm. The provocative Lust och Last (or Lust and Vice) exhibit ends this Sunday at Stockholm’s National Museum so carpe diem if you want to sneak a cheeky peak at some positively titillating works of art! And it’s not just your run of the mill naked lady lounging on a divan stuff either. In exploring the public opinion of virtue and morality from the 16th century to present, the exhibit showcases bold pieces like Lars Nilsson’s installation He was an assman which features a gaggle of semi-amputated female bodies spread eagle hovering over a headless suit relaxing in an armchair. 

Lars Nilsson's "He was an assman" via

Masterpieces by Matsys and Cranach are displayed side by side as a comparative study of vice in a northern renaissance setting while Annika Von Hausswolff’s photograph Alone in the Brown Room stands apart creating a sense of intimacy with the lonely masturbating subject and awkward voyeurism on the part of the spectator. 

Annika von Hausswolff - Alone in the brown room (1998)

Other works weren’t quite so explicit at first glance. Matts Leiderstam’s series of pink, tan, and brown vases entitled Chuck, Pierre, Dick, Doug, Dietrich seemed like a simple, unobtrusive study in classic Swedish ceramics. Closer examination revealed that the necks of the vases varied in width and length and the mouths of the vases puckered as if to resemble…well let’s just say Matts knew a thing or two about a certain part of Chuck’s, Pierre’s, Dick’s, Doug’s, and Dietrich’s anatomy.

Practical Info: The Lust och Last exhibit at the National Museum in Stockholm ends August 14th. For more information including ticket prices please consult the museum site

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