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Photos: Virginia State Fair

"Pretty Cow" Competitor

Richmond. This weekend is your last chance to check out the great Virginia State Fair! Here are some photos to whet your appetite for deep fried oreos, tractor pulls, and hog racing.

Zebra + Donkey = Zedonk

 What do you get when you cross a zebra and a donkey? A zedonk!

Kunekune pigs of New Zealand

 Behold the adorable kunekune pigs of New Zealand!

Albino Eastern Grey Kangaroo

 Zedonks and kiwi pigs I can kind of understand, sort of. But an albino kangaroo? What in the hell is he doing at the Virginia State Fair?? Poor little guy is so lost! I’ll bet his mob back in Australia kicked him out for being so pigment-less. He should meet up with that lonely ginger seal and start the next civil rights movement.

Angora Rabbit

The original dust bunny: the Angora rabbit.

Deep fried oreos

What good is a State Fair without some battered and deep fried junkfood?

Our state fair is a great state fair. Don’t miss it! Don’t even be late! Name that musical and I’ll give you a deep fried snickers bar!

Practical Info: The Virginia State Fair is open through this Sunday October 9th. The site is located just past the entrance to King’s Dominion (exit 98 off I-95). For past competition winners and the current competition schedule please refer to

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  1. Oh my, a deep fried Oreo when done right is the cat’s pajamas.

    October 8, 2011
    • Sophie #

      It was my first, so I have nothing to compare it to, but damn was it good!

      October 9, 2011

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