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Photos: Dinosaur Land!

Dinosaur Land!

White Post, VA. Autumn has finally arrived in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and with the change in season comes beautiful fall foliage, apple cider, and loads of weekenders from Washington D.C and beyond. Many hope to broaden their horizons with historical visits to Civil War battlefields, or indulge their tastebuds (and their “locavore” conscience) by shopping at roadside vegetable stands. Some may even get a little creative and go spelunking at Luray Caverns. Yet for those of you who prefer the weird to the staid, Dinosaur Land might just be your perfect cup of crazy. 

Entrance to Dinosaur Land

Megalosaurus Strikes Again!

Dinosaur Land, scaring children since 1962. 

Practical Info:

The “Prehistoric Forest” is located at the intersection of 277, 522, and 340 between Winchester and Front Royal, VA. Admission is $4 for children under 11, $5 for 11 and up. For more information visit or visit Dinosaur Land’s Facebook page

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