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Curitiba’s Sunday Market

Sunday Market, Feira do Largo da Ordem, Curitiba

Feira do Largo da Ordem, Curitiba

Feira do Largo da Ordem, Curitiba

Curitiba, Brazil. On Sundays local craftsmen and collectors converge in the Curitiba’s historic center to sell their goods at the city’s famous Feirinha do Largo da Ordem. Products range from exquisite handmaid dresses for barbie dolls (how awesome is that?) to fifty year old bonsai trees. It’s a wonderful place to while away a lazy sunday. If the weather is hot, pick up a freshly pressed cane juice with a dash of lime at one of the stands. If that’s too sweet, you can always swing by the coconut stand and order the fruit straight up. A guy will drill a hole through the husk and stick a straw in it for you to slurp up nature’s greatest sports drink. You’d think this would be a gringo tourist thing but everyone does it.

Bolivian empanada stand, Feira do Largo da Ordem, Curitiba

Once you’ve quenched your thirst, swing by the Bolivian empanada stand for some juicy meaty pastries.

Fonte da Memória by Ricardo Tod, Garibaldi Square, Curitiba

Fonte da Memória by Brazilian sculptor Ricardo Tod

Though there are many interesting treasures to be discovered at the market, the highlight is without a doubt the bizarre sculpture of a horse’s head, grotesquely spewing water. I can only imagine what the sculptor had in mind: a horse, drinking from a water trough, is ambushed from behind and decapitated, forcing him to spew up his drink as his body convulses in shock, his startled visage forever immortalized in bronze. Either that or he drank some dirty water. Either way, I thought it imperative to imitate the sculpture:

Imitating the spewing horse sculpture, Curitiba

Practical Info: The market is open every Sunday from 9am to 2pm in Curitiba’s Centro Histórico.

N.B. The sculptor who executed the bronze horse was local curitibano Ricardo Tod. You can read more about his works and his tragic and untimely death in a bus accident in his obituary. It should be noted that the true inspiration for the sculpture derived from the fountain’s former incarnation as a watering hole for horses that colonial merchants used to transport their goods from the countryside to market.

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  1. Patrick M Ashley #

    Beautiful square!

    November 23, 2011
  2. It’s my favorite place in the city !

    November 23, 2011
  3. Sophie #

    When you’re there it becomes very clear why everyone says Curitiba is such a lovely place to live.

    November 24, 2011

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