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Photos: Blumenau, Brazil

Blumenau, Brazil. 

Edith Gaertner's Cat Cemetery, Blumenau

The town of Blumenau was founded in 1850 by German colonists led by Doctor Hermann Bruno Otto Blumenau (cue John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt…). Today visitors can tour the Museu da Familia Colonia and learn about the curious founding family. The title of “family kook” clearly went to Edith Gaertner, grandniece of Dr. Blumenau and colonial cat lady. To properly commemorate the precious little lives of her precious little friends, Edith marked their graves with marble head stones and plaques bearing names like “Musch” and “Putz”. At least she had a sense of humor.

Blue house, Blumenau

Capybara grazing along the Itajaí-Açu river

This bold capybara was shamelessly mowing down a patch of what appeared to be freshly laid grass. The town had recently suffered a severe flood and the high water levels wrought havoc on the river banks. By laying out new grass the town probably hoped to speed up the recovery process, efforts brazenly disregarded by herbivorous capybaras.

Beer museum, Blumenau

Protestant Church, Blumenau

A pretty white church sits atop a hill with a commanding view over the old colonial town.

Dengue warning, Protestant cemetery, Blumenau

Behind it lies a church graveyard. I’m not sure what’s scarier here, the ghosts of crotchety old German souls or the dengue carrying mosquitos that have more recently joined them.

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  1. El Naj #

    Miss you Soph. Also extremely jealous of your right now. You must call me if you fly back through Miami. Boas viagens gatinha!

    November 8, 2011
    • Sophie #

      Señor Naj! So so happy to hear from you. I miss you too. I will pass back through Miami in December and I promise to call! Muitro obrigada!

      November 8, 2011

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