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Frisky Critters at Miolo Winery, Brazil

Valle dos Vinhedos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. You might not think of Brazil as an internationally acclaimed wine producer, unless you do, in which case you’ve probably heard about the award winning Brazilian sparklings. But what you might not have heard about is how frisky all the local critters get at the vineyards. Apparently the liberating powers of fermented grape juice (no longer the exclusive pleasure of mankind) have put a spring in the step and a stirring in the loins of even the tiniest of fauna. Below are some seriously  jazzed creatures snapped at Miolo Winery in Brazil’s picturesque Valle dos Vinhedos:

FEED ME, Greedy Fish in a Pond, Miolo Winery

Scurrying Guinea Pigs, Miolo Winery

Amorous Toucans, Miolo Winery

I apologize for the grainy photo quality of these amorous toucans, but I do think it lends the image a more realistic “celebri-porn” touch don’t you?

Miolo Winery

Practical Info: Brazil’s wine country is centered in a valley near the town of Bento Goncalves. For tourist information and maps of the region, consult the Vale dos Vinhedos website. If you choose to visit Miolo winery, tours and tastings run all day, last one hour, and cost $5 reais. After your tour, pick up  a bottle and some snacks at the wine shop and head out back to explore the rest of the vineyard’s natural wonders. If you’re lucky you might catch some toucans in the act!


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