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Fulfilling a Childhood Dream: Riding on the Beach

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. Ever since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of galloping a horse down the beach with a lover. Two things have spurred and sustained this desire. The first is a foggy memory from my childhood of a shirtless man resembling Fabio and his bikini-clad girlfriend blazing bareback down Nantucket’s beaches like characters on the cover of a steamy romance novel. The second is from that giddy falling-in-love montage from Cocktail when Tom Cruise and that curly haired chick race their horses along the surf to the tune of Jimmy Cliff’s “Shelter of Your Love”. After years of pining for what I considered to be the ultimate in romantic feats, I finally succeeded in galloping down the beach with a partner. It’s just that this partner happened to be a tall tough German woman named Sandra. The Swede was there too, but after several hours in the saddle the Swede’s little viking tush needed a break. Luckily Sandra happened to be tall, beautiful, and blonde, so I wasn’t too bothered to have her sub-in for a few minutes in order to fulfill my dream.

Riding out with our guide Sandra

Avoiding a horny stallion

This stallion pictured above was tied up to a fence along the road. Luckily his leash was short enough so he couldn’t get too close to the object of his desire: the mare I was sitting on. I would have been collateral damage if he had managed to break free.

Preparing for a gallop down the beach.

The Swede's Steed takes a breather in the shade.

Practical Information: Sandra’s riding operation runs out of a farm just outside of Colonia. EL Viajero B&B can organize an outing for you, or you can contact Sandra and her husband Enrique directly through their website, Cabalgatas en Uruguay. Price for excursions start at 650 pesos per person (approximately $34 USD). Rides are conducted in either English, Spanish, or German.

Random Aside: On another note, if you are interested in Maine Coons, the world’s largest domesticated cat, Sandra happens to be a premier breeder of these massive felines. Check out her site, Luciernagas Mainecoons.

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  1. L. #

    Oh so jealous! =) Galloping down the beach is one of my dreams as well…. Although I would prefer bareback.

    January 11, 2012
    • Sophie #

      Bareback is definitely sexier but I was glad to have a deep western saddle since my riding legs are so out of shape!

      January 23, 2012

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