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A Peak into the Home of a Porteño ‘Possum

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires’ Botanical Gardens sits amidst some of the city’s hottest real estate. The Palermo neighborhood draws a crowds of chic, artsy, and just plain beautiful young porteños (the name for residents of B.A.) as well as its fair share of tourists. Though no where near as crowded as other parts of the city, at times Palermo can feel a bit congested. Luckily the spacious Botanical Gardens offers plenty of open space for decompressing and generally lounging around. Few locals however have been able to marry the excitement of the surrounding neighborhood with the tranquility of the gardens. That is except for the industrious possum who has taken up residence in an unused storage vault in the gardens. The Swede and I met this real estate savvy possum on his way home from a scavenge around the gardens. We greeted him with a simple “hola señor” to which he graciously replied with an invitation to join him in his humble abode for a little photo shoot. Of course by “invited”, I mean to say he let the Swede stick his hand inside his home without getting bitten. Muchas gracias Señor Possum!

The Porteño Possum, homeward bound

The Porteño Possum, slipping into his home (see his tail on the right side).

My oh my, Señor Possum! What a tasteful home you have!

It was a short visit. Out he goes again! Adios amigo!

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