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Three Romantic Stays in Argentina

A version of this article appeared in the Lost Girls World blog on February 2nd 2012. 

Traveling as a couple can be a very rewarding experience. Beautiful scenery and shared adventure adds a higher level of intimacy to a relationship. At times though, traveling together can be a major turnoff. When you’re on the road for extended periods of time, certain norms of coupledom tend to go by the wayside. Hygiene, patience, and at some point romance fall victim to travelers’ grunge. Even if you’re not traveling longterm, short trips can quickly turn sour as individuals cope with the inevitable stress of getting places. In order to avoid a hasty breakup, consider checking into a decent hotel every once in a while to indulge in a little TLC. Soak in a tub, slough off some grime, relieve any stress, and let the romantic spark reignite.

Winetasting at Mendoza’s Bodega Ruca Malen, a quick trip from Casa Glebinias.

If you find yourself in Argentina trapped in the dirty backpacker circuit, or you’re simply looking for a romantic Argentine getaway, check yourself into one of these three charming and affordable hotels. Your relationship will thank you. (And your wallet won’t hate you! All three hotels have rooms for under $150 USD.) 


Garden, Casa Glebinias

Few things complement romance like wine, and where better to indulge your inner aesthete and oenophile than in Argentina’s breathtaking wine country. With the snowcapped Andes forming a backdrop, the vineyards of Mendoza enjoy not only abundant sunshine and dry weather, but also one hell of a view. And with great wine comes great food, an adage upheld in the area due to a multitude of excellent restaurants. To round out a day spent wining and dining, head south of the city center to the hamlet of Chacras de Coria. Here you’ll find Casa Glebinias. a posada-haven where guests sleep in private cottages scattered about a wild garden. Even in summer, Mendoza’s scorching heat is hardly noticeable at the Casa where lush trees and a large swimming pool form a shady oasis. In the morning, indulge in a little sleep-in while a tray of fresh fruit, media lunas (sweet croissants), ham and cheese sandwiches, yogurt, hot coffee, and freshly squeezed orange juice is delivered straight to your cottage. Just one more excuse to stay in bed!

Breakfast, Casa Glebinias


Entrance, Finca la Media Luna

For those seeking to really get off the grid, San Agustín del Valle Fértil combines both isolation and adventure. The so-called fertile valley lies some 250 kilometers from the nearest city of San Juan and about 90 km from Ischigualasto park, an eery moonscape of prehistoric rock formations famous for its high concentration of dinosaur fossils. The rustic Finca la Media Luna serves as an ideal jumping off point for exploring this peculiar region. As at Casa Glebinias, a small grove of trees keeps this rural posada nice and cool despite the surrounding desert heat, and if that’s not enough, several creeks course through the area, perfect for plunging tired feet. Hikes and horseback rides in the surrounding cactus-spiked hills can also be arranged for added adventure. Dedicated cooks ensure that once you’re here you’ll never want to leave. Every morsel of food is made from scratch, even the silky dulce de leche that accompanies the freshly baked bread at breakfast. Nighttime reveals crystal-clear star-studded skies, which are best enjoyed from your private patio after a meal of spit-roasted goat and a bottle of malbec.

Finca la Media Luna


Bedroom, Lirolay Suites

Perhaps your idea of paradise involves a more verdant landscape. In that case, you could do worse than to venture to Bariloche, Patagonia’s most picturesque city by the lake. In town, swiss-inspired buildings house fine chocolate shops and adventure outfitters, while the surrounding mountains and lakes attract anenergetic crowd of skiers, climbers, fishers, hikers, and rafters. Others travel here for the soothing effect that natural beauty bestows on the soul. At the ski-lodge style Lirolay Suites, apartments are equipped with roomy jacuzzis and astounding views of lake Nahuel Huapi. Further capitalizing on the view, spa services are available in-room. Imagine you and your partner luxuriating in a massage side by side while gazing out at a gorgeous sparkling lake. Afterwards, snuggle up together by the fireplace with a cup of local hot cocoa and watch the sun set behind the snowcapped Andes.

View, Lirolay Suites

Practical Info: 

Casa Glebinias, Price of a double room: $140 USD and up. 

Address: Medrano 2272, Chacras de Coria (5505), Mendoza. Telephone: +54 (0261) 496 2116Email: info@casaglebinias.comWebsite:

Finca la Media LunaPrice of a double room: $80 USD. Price for dinner for two with bottle of Malbec: $30 USD

Address: The hotel is located in the community of La Majadita, 10 km west of San Agustín de Valle Fértil. Ask at the gas station in town for directions, then follow signs for Finca la Media Luna. Be prepared for several creek crossings. Telephone: +54 (0264) 420 1950Email: Website:

Lirolay SuitesPrice of a double room: low season $130 USD, high season $280 USD.

Address: Av. Bustillo km 7, San Carlos de Bariloche. Telephone: +54 (0294) 446 3040. Email: send emails directly through the hotel website. Website:

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