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Feeding Time at the Córdoba Zoo

Córdoba, Argentina. 

The small city of Córdoba in central Argentina is often used as a pitstop for travelers between Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Even so, Córdoba holds it own with a slew of merits that make the city worthy of a visit in its own right. It is after all a great old University town with heaps of young people, gorgeous architecture, and a rich and very visible history. On top of all that the city makes splendid use of open space with the enormous Sarmiento park where University students jog and lounge around discussing philosophy or politics or whatever seems most profound at the moment. Within the park, 17 hectares are occupied by the City Zoological Garden, a fine old zoo with plenty of opportunities for close up portraits of the handsome animals.

Hippo eating a beet

Black (melanistic) jaguar, looking a bit spaced out

Jaguar, posing.

Kid learning to balance on his little hooves

Fox displaying his kill

Storing a snack for later

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