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An Azorean Adventure: Part 2

Lagoa, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal. After our titillating drive through the clouds, Char and I settled into our room at the Hotel Arcanjo, a cozy 2 star pensāo located on the edge of a small fishing village known as Lagoa. In an attempt to stave off the awkward jet lag that follows a 4 hr time difference – it’s not quite short enough to pretend it never happened, not long enough to shock your internal clock instantly into submission  –  we set off to explore the neighborhood. Steps from our hotel we found tidal pools teeming with puffy, cotton candy-colored Portuguese man o’ war.

Portuguese man o’ war congregation

Grammatical sidenote: What is the proper pluralization of man o’ war? If you are of the o-apostrophe school rather than the hyphenated man-of-war, then wouldn’t the plural be Portuguese men o’ war? Or Portuguese man-of-wars….hmm food for thought.

We slipped into a waterfront restaurant where we sampled local wine and cheese.

Quinta da Jardinette Wine and soft white cheese.

Refueled, we wandered through the narrow streets of Lagoa looking for photo subjects.

Boy in a window, bike on a road

Stairs leading to nowhere

Building, Lagoa, Sao Miguel

Our noses discerned the seductive scent of garlic in the air, and we followed the waft right up to yet another picturesque waterfront restaurant. Our waitress insisted we have the limpets to start. They arrived in a cast iron pan, sizzling in butter and juicy garlic cloves.

Garlicky Limpets, Lagoa, Sao Miguel

After our limpets we dug into a heaping plate of vegetables, potatoes and butterflied fillets of buttery white fish. We then used our leftovers to make friends with the local canine community.

Char makes a friend

Stay tuned for more about our Azorean adventure, including photos of natural hot springs, waterfalls, tea fields, and bush after bush of glorious hydrangeas.

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  1. Pipeta #

    Açores are truly one of the best things in my country…! I hope you made it to São Jorge and Terceira, my personal faves 😉

    July 4, 2012
    • Sophie #

      You know I had planned on going to Pico and the trip never came together. I’m not too worried though, I completely fell in love with Sao Miguel and I’m certain I’ll be making many many more trips back to the Azores. What an enchanting place.

      July 4, 2012
  2. theflyingfleece #

    This is lovely to read! And your pictures are stunning! My mom is from São Miguel, so I’ve had my fair share of trips from the mainland to the Azores. Even for a portuguese it’s like entering an alternate reality sometimes. Two years ago we went to Pico and Faial too – they are my favourite islands now.

    Oh, and I’ve also had a couple of those fog-and-awful-dirt-road experiences in São Miguel. It happens sometimes… =)

    July 5, 2012

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