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The Marvelous Imagination of Dale Chihuly

Richmond, VA. Currently on exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts are Dale Chihuly’s fantastical glass blown creations. En masse, the collection hardly seems to be conceived by man, or by nature for that matter. These vitreous beauties must have floated here from some, psychedelic universe. This is what an octopus’ garden must look like, or a very fragile Willy Wonka factory, or the Garden of Earthy Delights as seen through a kaleidoscope…on mushrooms. It’s a land of exquisite temptations that must be admired from a distance. For if the starstruck gazer leans in too close, hypnotized by the swirls of color, some lurking monster will awake from his slumber and growl “excuse me, could you please keep your hands behind the partition?”

Practical Info: The Chihuly exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts runs until February 10th, 2013. For directions, tickets, and other information, consult the museum website.

For a video of Chihuly spinning his unearthly creations.


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