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Teatime at Brown’s Hotel, London

London, UK. 

Tea and bubbly at Brown's Hotel, London

Tea and bubbly at Brown’s Hotel, London

Afternoon tea at the famous Brown’s Hotel in London is the epitome of refinement and decadence. Piping hot tea pours forth from delicate silver spouts. Dainty sandwiches with fillings like egg salad, ham and pickles, and smoked salmon sit pretty on tiered serving stands. As soon as the last morsel of cucumber sandwich has been gobbled up, a fresh assortment of sandwiches appears. The teapots seem bottomless as well, like chalices of ambrosia. Perhaps the waiters are just careful to replace the pots at the perfect moment, when guests uncontrollably shut their eyes to savor a bite of fresh-out-the-oven scone slicked in cool clotted cream. Plates of food keep materializing and the teapot never dries up, leaving diners in a state of caffeinated uncertainty: “Just how many curry chicken salad finger sandwiches have we eaten?”

We asked our waiter just that. Three plates of sandwiches, he said, to which we groaned. He assured us that was nothing. One time a trio of three slim Japanese tourists had eight whole plates of sandwiches, followed by four plates of scones, followed by a plate of mini-pastries, followed by a fat slice of cake each. He said he lost count of the pots of tea they drank after about ten. 

His words lifted our spirits. What was one more plate of itty bitty sandwiches anyway?

Afternoon Tea at Brown's Hotel, London

Afternoon Tea at Brown’s Hotel, London

Practical Info: Afternoon Tea at Brown’s Hotel is served Monday -Thursday 3pm-6pm, Friday 2pm-6pm, Sat-Sun 12noon-6.30pm. Reservations are a must. Telephone: +44 020 7518 4155.

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  1. globetrottermama #

    That’s my favorite hotel in London. 🙂

    March 21, 2013

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