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Up and About in Paris and London

Paris and London.  Last month I joined my cousin Mariana for part of her concert tour in Europe. When not rocking out at her shows, we did what we do best, namely consume copious amounts of cheese, wine, and “exotic” potato chips (steak crisps anyone?). We make for pretty good travel companions; together we have rung in New Years in Melbourne, hiked the castle-dotted hillside of Sintra, Portugal, and road-tripped from Virginia to L.A. with her oversized beagle. Despite our long run of successes, one thing we have never mastered is a complimentary walking pace. After years of city-living in NYC and L.A. Mariana is an efficient “mover,” whereas I can’t manage to break a 2.5 mph saunter. While I cautiously scout the scene for ne’er-do-wells (a byproduct of that time in Barcelona), Mariana’s quick transitions leave her with ample time to chat up the locals. This inevitably earns us free drinks, rides, and snacks wherever we go. We make a good team: she attracts the good luck and I do the background check.

Here are some scenes from our most recent success story, in London and Paris:

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  1. Created ~ #

    Did Paris, yet to see London. Can I come with you? 🙂 Great photos!

    April 8, 2013

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