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Blog Update: On Writing, Lost Memories, and Key Weird

Adventures at Key West Race Week

Adventures at Key West Race Week

Dear readers – what few of you remain after my six months of neglect – my sincerest apologies. I let pesky assignments and grad school deadlines distract me from travel blogging. It’s tough to blog when I haven’t had much in the way of inspiration, but a few trips have popped onto my calendar of late. In December I visited Nosara, Costa Rica, and rekindled my love for the striped vermin known as coatis – having previously experienced coup de foudre with the little beasts at Iguazu Falls. And in January I was lucky enough to compete in Key West Race Week, which, despite massive contusions, burnt eyeballs, and peeling ear tips, was an absolutely unforgettable ride.

Washington D.C. welcomed me home with a frigid slap in the face. Last week in a feeble attempt to stow my cell phone so I could bury my hand in my coat pocket, I dropped my iPhone somewhere along P Street, and with it, most of my documentation of “Key Weird”. That night I went back with Charlie to hunt for it, and like a good southern blood hound, he turned up an iPhone! It just wasn’t mine. It belonged to a guy who didn’t seem too concerned about whether or not he got it back – it was a work phone. Such a waste.

Luckily I had posted a handful of Instagrams from the trip, so I have a few perfectly filtered memories on hand.

In other news, I invite you to visit my newly curated “Favorite Places: Florida” page. Look forward to more Favorite Places in the coming months!

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